RFId/Smart card Applications

As the IT development in world has enhanced to great extent, the data transfer, storage and authorization has become necessity; which has given the birth to smart card systems.

This system can be categorized in various types as smart cards, biometrics devices, RFId tags and GPS system depending on usage.

Smart Cards:

This card is a plastic card, containing chip and the system comprises of Cards, Readers and software.

Steps of working
  • Activity-1: Issue of Cards
  • Activity-2 : Installations of Smart Card Readers
  • Activity-3: Software Development & Implementation
  • Activity-4: Data Storage and downloading
  • Activity-5: System Management functions

Some of the s/w modules will be
  • Issue of cards, Generate & upload Access files in Smart Card
  • Readers Creation of database of the student and staff
  • Software will be developed for interface with the application databases
  • Auto data download
  • Interfaces with the other Software application as per requirement like library, payroll etc.
  • Various MIS

Usage of Smart Cards cum Identification card
  • Student Attendance and/or Auto Roll call
  • Employee/Staff Attendance
  • Access Control
  • Smart card as Debit Cards
  • TOLL Collections
  • Smart card as Patient History card
  • Smart card as POS (Point of Sale) or Petro-cards
  • Smart card as Library cards

Biometrics Devices
This device is a very secured device where proxy data is not possible because the finger/thumb impressions of a person are scanned every time to give authorized access.

Time Attendance system provides in/out entries & time based reports. The unit can hold up to 2000 transactions. The data can be uploaded/ downloaded using Web based.

RF Id System
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a form of auto-identification (Auto ID) technology that uses radio waves to exchange information
RFID is the faster method of collecting data without human intervention
RFID: radio frequency identification, a technology similar to BAR CODE identification.

Components of an RFID system
  • An antenna - attached to the Reader to read Tags
  • A Transceiver (Reader), which reads the radio frequency
  • A Transponder, or tag - attached to the item
  • Software - sends the information where it needs to go

RFID technology covers a wide range of tools & application
  • Inventory / Warehouse management
  • Access Control and Authentication
  • Library management
  • Advertisement Response Monitoring System
  • Vehicle Management System

GPS System
Global Positioning System is a system by which a thing can be traced at any position with the help of satellite or GPRS system of mobile phones. System includes GPS antenna fitted on the item to be tracked like vehicle, train etc. GPS system will trace the positioning coordinates of the item at a particular instance. Information can be transferred to computer to form various MIS reports. Even by using electronics devices a movement of vehicle can also be shown as live.