System Design & Development

Based on the analysis and conclusions, the system is designed and our engineers at Pune office develop the prototype. The prototype passes through various phases of testing. The product is re-engineered at every level throughout the process of development to assure that the product is meeting your requirements and satisfies the quality norms and standards. After complete development, the product is handed over to you for trial runs. The changes recommended are incorporated in the system and the final package is suitably moulded as per requirements of your organization.

The Project team will study the requirements and prepare the detail design. The requirement specifications would be translated into the screen layouts, report formats, edit validations and data definitions. Based on this, a Detail Design Document will be developed to form the basis for the subsequent development phase.

Development phase covers the development activities of the Project. This includes program development for all modules using the detail design document, unit testing and system testing of all modules. The Project manager will obtain technical clarification for the Project team. If during the Study/Detail Design phase, intermediate deliverables are agreed upon, they will be delivered during this phase.