iBizSoln is web based ERP application for business management system, which integrates facets of the business, including sales, purchase, inventory, accounting, payroll etc. The business environment has become increasingly complex and the marketplace has changed from local to global. Management is under constant pressure to improve competitiveness by lowering operating costs and improving logistics. Organizations therefore have to be more responsive to the customer and competition.
iBizSoln as a business solution aims to help the management by setting better business practices and equipping them with the right information to take timely decisions.

Industries Segments

Workflow of iBizSoln

Features of iBizSoln

  • Fully functionally integrated
  • Cross level Securities
  • Menu driven & easy to use
  • Internal Messaging
  • Password security
  • Multiple Search Facility & Powerful Query Builder
  • User wise Date Recallers with Appointment and Schedule Settings
  • User wise alerts for various activities like PO schedules, dispatches,     ROL etc
  • Backup and Recovery Facilities
  • Intimation through Messaging and Business Alert System that focuses     on Networked Employees, Vendors and Customers
  • Online mailing of documents like Purchase Order, Invoices, Work     Orders etc. while creation itself
  • Conversion of Reports into PDF, MS-Excel, MS-Word
  • Maintenance of History files with Recovery facility
  • Maintenance of Log files
  • Powerful report drafting tool to generate reports by user
  • Amendments & revision log
  • Intelligent Data Entry Interface

Advance Features of iBizSoln

  • Comparative Analysis
  • Multi Location & multi currency facility
  • Customizable User Interface
  • User Defined Code Generation
  • Multi Level Approval Matrix for documents.
  • Graphical report generation for various analytical data
  • Customers & Suppliers can view online Order & Payment status
  • Dashboard to show online information.
  • Barcode generation support.
  • Integration with attendance devices


Basic Alerts

  • Diary
  • Action for Correspondence
  • Today's Appointments
  • Wish Reminders
  • Monthly Returns-Status
  • User Login Details(last 10 logins)
  • Holidays for this Month
  • Pending Approvals
  • Customer Receipt Summary
  • Defaulter Customer Receipts
  • Supplier Payment Summary
  • Defaulter Supplier Payment
  • Today's Enquiries
  • Pending Enquiries (status Not Updated)
  • Pending Quotation (status Not Updated)
  • Pending OA (sales Order)-Work order Not generated
  • Pending OA (sales Order)-Not Dispatched
  • Pending Work Order(Dispatch Not Done)
  • Pending Dispatch Clearance
  • Today's Dispatch Schedule
  • Pending Invoice(Account Import)
  • Pending Invoice for Payments
  • Pending Purchase List (PO Not Generated)
  • Pending Purchase Order (GIN not Done)
  • Pending GIN(QC Not Done)
  • GIN Without Excise Invoice No.
  • Pending GIN (Statuary forms like C,H)
  • Pending GRIN (Stock Updation Not Done)
  • Pending GRIN(Rejection Note Not Done)
  • Pending Rejection Note (No Action )
  • Pending GIN (Invoice Not Done)
  • Pending Purchase Invoice-Bill (Account Import)
  • Pending VC(GIN Not Done)
  • Pending VC (Item Out Not Done)
  • Pending MR (Material requisition Not Issued)
  • Below Reorder Level Items
  • Pending Production (PD Not Done)
  • Pending Production (QC Not Done)
  • Pending Production (Stock Updation Not Done)
  • Pending Bills-Payment Advice
  • Pending Bill due for Payment-7 Days
  • Expected Receipts in 7 Days
  • Employee- attendance not freezed
  • Employee- Pay not processed
  • Customer advance not adjusted
  • Supplier advance not adjusted
  • PDCs Received- Next 7 days
  • PDCs issued-Next 7 Days
  • Vendors unapproved
  • Pending LRs/statuary forms

Advance Alerts

  • Pending Enquiries (Hot)
  • Pending work order -Services
  • OA canceled/short closed -Last 7 days
  • Quotation rejected/canceled -Last 7 days
  • Quotation Amended (Last 7 Days)
  • OA amended (Last 7 Days)
  • Invoices canceled-Last 7 Days
  • Payment receipt from customer-Last 7 days
  • Debit/ Credit Note Raised - Last 7 days
  • Advances received - Last 7 days
  • Advances Paid - Last 7 days
  • Vendor enquiries Generated --Last 7 days
  • New Prospective party generated --Last 7 days
  • New Prospective Item generated --Last 7 days
  • PO Amended (Last 7 days)
  • PO canceled/short closed -Last 7 days
  • Party Blocked (Last 7 days)
  • Purchase Invoice On Hold
  • Pending work order for BOM
  • BOM revised -last 7 days
  • Projects Revised-Last 7 days
  • Below Reorder Level Items - In-house
  • Pending Projects(Planning Not Done)
  • Pending Production -WIP (QC Not Done)
  • Pending Rework Indent
  • Pending Projects-Allocation Not Done
  • Pending Projects-MR Not Done
  • Pending Projects-MI Not Done
  • Pending Projects-Budget Not Allocated
  • Projects-Crossing Budget Limits(70/80/90/+)
  • Projects delayed-not completed
  • Projects canceled/short closed -last 7 days
  • Product diversion-last 7 days
  • Assets added-last 30 days
  • Complaints received--last 7 days
  • Complaints not attended
  • Pending AMC renewals
  • Items/stock expired (Shelf life)
  • Negative stock
  • Items-location not allocated
  • Drawings revised-last 7 Days
  • New recruitment-last 30 days
  • Employees left- last 30 days
  • Employees on leave-Next 7 days
  • Interviews scheduled for next 7 days
  • Employee-documents for IT not submitted
  • Pending Employee-Increment
  • Pending Employee-Confirmation
  • Pending Appraisal Approval
  • Machine maintenance-Next 7 days

MIS Views

Basic View

  • Attendance
  • Customer Summery
  • Sales Analysis (Party-Item)
  • Daily Progress Chart (Sales)
  • Customer Delivery Rating
  • Enquiry Status
  • Purchase Summary - Purchase category
  • Daily Dispatch Status (Invoice)
  • Reconciliation of Sale / Purchase New
  • Consumption statement (Quantity) Yearly
  • Sales Analysis (Party)
  • Customer Aging Analysis
  • Vendor Aging Analysis
  • Quotation Status
  • Order Vs Sales (Value)
  • Party wise Summary Purchase-Year
  • Material Inward Status
  • Item Production Details
  • Stock Status-Location wise
  • Consumption Statement (value) Yearly

Advance View

  • Order View Analysis
  • FG/RM Quality analysis
  • Tax analysis
  • WIP analysis
  • Vendor grading (Rating) analysis
  • Purchase rejection /rework analysis
  • Sales team performance analysis
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Approval delayed analysis
  • Production cost analysis
  • Employee performance analysis
  • Complain analysis
  • Production status analysis
  • Machine Maintenance analysis
  • Capacity analysis
  • Asset analysis
  • Capital project analysis
  • Profitability analysis
  • Projection v/s sales analysis (product/party)
  • Non moving stock analysis



  • Form RG-1 (Daily Stock Status)
  • Stock Register
  • Sales Book with Excise details
  • Personal Ledger Account (PLA)
  • Excise Assessable Value (Report)
  • Excise Product wise Report
  • RG1/RG23Al/RG23All/RG23Cl/RG23Cll
  • ER1/ER4/ER5/ER6/ER7/ER8
  • ARE-1/CT-1
  • Service Tax Part-I (Record of CENVAT credit allowable on     Input/Services)
  • Service Tax Part-II (CENVAT credit utilized on Input/Services)
  • Service Tax Part-III

Taxation (VAT/CST/LBT etc)

  • Sales Tax / Purchase Tax Summary
  • Sales Tax Account Registers & Vat Returns
  • Sales Tax Forms Receivable / Issuable & Reminders
  • Service Tax, F.B.T., T.D.S,LBT
  • Party Wise VAT/CST Summaries

TDS & Income Tax

  • TDS deduction and Payments
  • Advance tax payment
  • 24Q/26Q/27Q/27EQ

HR & Payroll

  • PF Statement (3A, 6A, 12A)
  • P.F. Form 5 & 10
  • ESIC Form 6 & 7
  • Form 16

Financial Accounting

  • Bank statements
  • Stock statements
  • Profit & Loss
  • Balance sheet (Schedule VI)
  • Depreciation register
  • Debtors & creditors Statement

Export & Import

  • Certificate Of Origin
  • Shipping Bill
  • G.S.P/G.R. Form
  • AR-4 /AR-3A/ARE1
  • Bank Certificate
  • Daily Stock Register
  • CT3 Register
  • B17 Bond Register
  • Export /Import Register




Profit Center/Branch
Department/Sub Department
Currency/Currency Conversion
UOM (Unit of Measurement)/UOM Conversion
Banks /Branches/ Accounts
Term Condition/Term Condition group
Operations/Check List/Transport Master
Tax /Tax Group
General/ Sales /Production Parameter
QC Parameter/QC Parameter Group
Tariff-Heading Master
Packing /Packing Conversion
Branch Info/ Branch Register
Department Register
Currency Register
Bank info/ Register
Transport Register
Tax info / Register
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Front Office

Daily Exchange Rate (Currency/Material)
Front Office Inward
Front Office Outward
Exchange Report
Inward Register
Outward Register
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Role/Right /User Master
Report Right/ Alert Right Master
Audit History/ Mail Audit History
CRM/SCM Right Master
Delete/Close/Cancel Transaction
Document Authorization(Approval Matrix)
Email setting and content management
Role Register
User Register/List of Users
Log Register
Mail Register
Transaction Register
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Utilities & Internal Messaging

User wise GUI setting
Personal Contacts/Daily diary
Reminders/Company Calendar (Holidays)
Appointment allocation
Item Search/Unit convertor
Correspondence Register
Holiday List
Daily Appointment List
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Sales & Marketing

Party Master (Customer/Prospective Customer)
Sales Price List
Performa Invoice
Order Acknowledgment
Order Acceptance
Order Acceptance Schedule
Monthly sales Plan
Work Order (Direct Dispatch)
Credit Note
Sales receipts
Sales Returns Tracking
Order (OA) Tracking
Customer reconciliation(Job /Processing order)
Party Info/ Register
Enquiry Info/Register
Enquiry Analysis Reports
Sales Price Register
Quotation Reports /Register
Product wise Hit Ratio Analysis
OA /OA schedule Register
Work Order Register
Order Acceptance- Dispatch Detail
Sales register
Order Executed History
Party Outstanding & Ageing Report
Actual V/s projected sales
Performa-Invoice Report/Register
Orders History/ Backlog/ Received
Price Variation Report
Credit Note Report/Register
Sales Returns Register
Customer job Register
Customer Material reconciliation Report
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Packing slips & List
Dispatch Schedule (Planned Vs Actual)
Dispatch Instructions & check List
Daily Dispatch
Dispatch Clearance
Delivery Challans /Tax Invoice
Commercial /Supplementary / Rejection /Export Invoices
Update Invoice details(LR/H-C forms etc)
ASN file generation
LR Slips
Products Stock Adjustments
Fleet Maintenance
Sales Return
Dispatch Overhead Costing
Export- Packing hierarchy , Documentation
Containers (Boxes/ Bottles / Cylinders) Accounting
Dispatch Register
Schedule VS Dispatch Register
Packing List Register
Packing slips
Sales return register
Tax invoice Reports/ register
Supplementary invoice Report/ Register
Rejection invoice Report/ Register
Daily dispatch register
Dispatch clearance Register
LR register
Export packing list
Export documents like Packing lit/slip,CT3, ARE1, export     Invoice etc
Fleet register
LR Register
Sales Returns Register
Statuary forms register like C, H ,F etc
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Party Master (Vendor /Prospective vendor)
Purchase Order (material/capital/Services)
Purchase Order (Labor/ Job work)
Purchase Order Schedule
Purchase Invoice
Update Purchase Invoice (LR/H-C forms etc)
Debit Note
Purchase Rejection Return
Service Charge Adjustments
Vendor material reconciliation
Vendor Aging
GIN Costing (Landed Cost)
Vendor Info /Register
PO Report/ PO Schedule Register
Pending PO Statements (Value/vendor/item)
Material Schedule statements
PO Pending on Rejected Material
Pending Payment Register
Landed Cost Report
PO Amendment Details
Daily Purchase Report
PO Status Report
Vendor wise Order Value Register
Excise Duty loss at PO stage
Variance GIN & Bills
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Item Category
Item Sub Category
Item Group
Item Master
Opening Stock
Stock Update
Stock Conversion
Material Requisition
Material Issue
Material Adjustment
Vendor Challan(Excise/Non Excise)
Material Transfer & return
Stock Valuation
Bin Card
Item category/ sub category/group Register
Item Info/ Register
Stock report/ Register
Stock crossing reorder level
Under Inspection stock report
Non-moving stock item report
Supplier wise material receipt
Item wise material receipt
Statements of Excess/ Shortage/ Rejected Materials
Material requisition slip/ Register
Material issue slip/ Register
GIN register
Consolidated statements of Receipts and Issues
Bin Card
Rejection Report /Discrepancy Register
Pending Requisition
Stock Valuation statementStock Ledger
Rec/Iss/Adj/Rej/Ret Status
Returnable Issued Material Register
Vendor Challan Report/ Register
Inventory Statement For Bank
Rejected Material Sent Out
Stock Adjustments register
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Financial Accounting

Accounts Group/
Ledger Master
Narration Master
Op Balance FA
Dimension Group / Sub Group Master
Dimension Master
Import Ledger
Import Transaction/voucher Posting
Bill-Passing Advice / Audit - Report Generation
Post-Dated Cheques (Payments / Receipts)
Suspension of Accounts
Advance Payment Requisition
Concession Form Types
Party Advance Adjustment
Journal/ Contra Entry Voucher
Cash Payment And Voucher
Cash Receipt And Voucher
Bank Payment And Voucher
Bank Receipt And Voucher
Bank Reconciliation
Foreign Exchange Pur. / Sales
Cheque Book Master
Cheque Issue/ Printing/Cheque Status
Advance Cheque issue to Supplier
Advance Cheques received from customers
Pending advance cheques adjustment
Un-cleared cash (Advance Cash) for Expenses
Cheque Dishonor
Payment Advice
Cash Book
Cash Flow Master
Trial Balance/Balance Sheet/Profit & Loss
Day Book
Bank Book
Journal Register
Debit/Credit Note Register
On Account Report
Sub Ledger
General Ledger Trial Balance
Sub Ledger Trial Balance
Bill Wise Opening Balance Outstanding
Cost Center Activity / Analysis Report
Profit & Loss Statement
Bank reconciliation
Cash Book
Account Code Wise Summary
General Ledger
Drs. Age wise Analysis
Crs. Age wise Analysis
Tax Wise Report
Balance Sheet
Cash flow/Funds Flow
Bank Payment Details
Statutory Reports
Provision Trial Balance
Profit & Loss Statement
Divisional P&L Statement
Schedule Report
Consolidation Reports
Group Chart (Layout)
Debtors/Creditor Register
Tax deducted At Source (TDS) Register
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Excise & Tax Management

Opening Taxes
Tax group Processing
Tax Group Adjustment
Tax Challan processing like TR6 Challan
Cenvat Credit (ModVat)
Cenvat Debit
Services Tax Credit/ Debit
PLA (Personal Ledger Account)
Sales Return Entry Posting to Part I & Part II and      Annexure like 18, 19, 21
Duty Liability & Balances
State/Country wise Tax Reports & Registers
TDS Processing
DSA (Daily Sock Account) Report
CENVAT I & II Report
TR6 Challans
PLA Register
Excise 4-5(a) Register
ER1 Register
Form ER 3 A
Annexure IV (Stock Register of goods sent for      Processing/ Job work)
Annexure V (Account of receipt of raw material, inputs &      SFG
Annexure II (Challans for job works)
Annexure VI (Subsidiary Challans for job work)
Form RG 16
ARE1 Register
ER1 Register
VAT Register
TDS Register
LBT/Octroi Register
Cenvat - Credit taken through GIIR
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Material Planning

Sub Assembly
Multilevel Technical BOM (Standard/ Project
BOM amendments/Revisions
Material Requirement Planning (Consumable)-MRP-I
Generate Projects(lots)
Creating Stores and Purchase Indents
Auto Indent (Work order based)
Bought out schedule(PL)
Project Master (With OA, W/o OA)
Reorder Level based planning
Sub assembly Report
BOM printing
BOM analysis Reports
BOM Amendment Register
Material Indent Registers
Bought-out (PL)register
Various Planning Reports(MRP-I)
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Production Management

Process/Operation Master
Production Slip/Indent
Material Requisition
Sub Assembly /Finished goods Production
Material Transfer(Return to store)
Product Declaration
Daily Production schedule register
Production Report
Work Order Vs Produced
Consumables Consumption Register
Daily production Register
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Quality Control(RM/FG)

Item Standards & Specifications
QC parameter master
Non conformance/ Rejection master
GRIN(QA-RM) Preparation
QC Parameter Wise testing
Sample Base Testing
QAD (QA-FG) Preparation
Supplier Quality rating
Test Certificate
Pre-Dispatch Inspection
Dispatch Clearance
Rejection Note
Daily inspection (QA) report /register
GRIN (QA-RM)Register
QA-GF Reports/Register
TC comparison
Raw Material Standards and Specifications register
Product Standards and Specifications
Product Inspection Data
Raw Material rejected during a period
Products rejected during a period
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Payroll (Pay Process)

Employee Profile
Customize Emoluments Head
Emoluments, Deductions & Perquisite Maintenance
Basic Type Master
Designation Master
Perquisite Master
Union /Rebate /Health/Category/ Route Overtime / In-Out /      Site/ Skill Master
Tax Slab
Time sheet Management
Payroll Processing
Employee Transfer/Promotion/ Increment maintenance
Shift Allocation (Fixed / Rotation)
Bonus (Production/ Festive)
LIC & Other Insurances
Final Settlement
Payroll Accounting - Basic
Leave Encashment
Priority Table for deductions
Multiple LIC's, ULIP, NSC's policies
Bank Advice, Cheque Printing Module
Location by Cost Centre wise salaries JV for multi-location      company
Increment Arrears / Rate revision
Imprest amount released and adjustment
Loans Issued
Loans Refunded outside Salary
Loan Enhancement
Employee Profile Report
Employee register
Time sheet report
Pay slips
Pay Registers
OT Summery
Earning & Deduction Registers
Advances & Recovery Statements
LIC & Loans Recovery Statements
PT Statements
Bonus statements
Voucher Printing
ESIC summery & Statements
PF Statement (3A, 6A, 12A)
Bank Salary Statement
Cash Salary Details
Bank Account wise Payment Report
Department wise Payroll Summary
Overtime Report
PF Recovery Statement
Professional Tax Recovery Statement
ESI Recovery Statement
Canteen Deduction Statement
Welfare Recovery Statement
Bus Fare Recovery Statement
Grade wise salary Statement
Employee Not confirmed report
Employee Joined In Particular Month
Left Employee Status
Employee Retirement Status
Employee Wise Leave Balance
Blood Group Wise Report
Grade Wise Manpower Status
Department Wise Manpower Status
Gratuity Statement
Net Salary & Wages Statement
Deduction Excess Earning Report
LTA Statement/
Medical Statement
Payroll Summary
P.F. Form 5 & 10
Employee List with specific Earning / deduction
Form 6 & 7(ESIC)
Transfer & Promotion Letters
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ERM(Employee Relationship Management)

Employee code Login
View of ESIC/PF statements
Attendance verification and freezing
Salary view
Leave application
Official Tour application(On duty)
Gate pass
Perquisite entry (Traveling, mobile etc details)
Leave approval
ESIC/PF statements Reports
Salary slip printing
Leave application printing
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Complaint Management

Complaint booking
Complaint Allocation
Complaint status update
Complaint booking Info/Register
Complaint allocation register
Complaint status register
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Customer Register-closed
Customer Register
Customer Register-Prospective
Enquiry Register (Product/zone/sales executive/export)
Enquiry Register (Canceled/regret)
Enquiry Register (Converted)
Enquiry Status Summary-(Quantitative)
Quotation Register (Product/zone/ sales executive/export)
Quotation Register (converted/regret)
OA Register (Product/ zone / sales executive/ export)
OA status Register
OA Register Item Wise-(Completed/ Pending))
OA Schedule Register
OA Dispatch Status Register
OA Register (work order not generated)
Work Order register-(pending/dispatched)
Dispatch Clearance register
OA VS DC status
Dispatch register
Performa Invoice Register
Bank Guarantee Register
Sales Report-(item -Packing wise)
Sale Register (export/service)
Sales Summary Report
Sales Statement Item wise
Sales Statement
Sales Statement Tax wise
Sales Statement (Excise)
Customer-Wise VAT Sales Report
Customer-Wise Debit Note Or Credit Note
Customer-Wise VAT Debit Note Or Credit Note
Sales Report (A/C Party)
Customer Wise Product Rate Detail
Customer Outstanding register
Customer aging register
Customer payment summery
Defaulter Customer Payment Summery
Item register
Prospective Item Register
Items revised/closed (block) register
Item Rate change Register
Stock Register (location/section/packing)
Bin Card
Stock Value Register
MR Register (employee/item)
MR Register(pending/short closed)
MI Register
MA(Adjustment) Register
Stock out register
Material Return register
GIN register(vendor/item/service/job)
QA-RM(GRIN) Register
Rejection Note Register
GIN PO Wise Register
GIN Customer Job Wise Register
GIN VC Wise Register
Vendor Reconciliation
Vendor challan (4 5 a) Register
VC(Item Out) Register
BOM Register
BOM revision register
BOM Classification Report
BOM Item Spare Detail
BOM Value Report
Project Register
Product Declaration Register
QA-FG Register
FG Rejection/Rework Report
Purchase Requisition register
Purchase List Register
PO Register(supplier/item/import)-open
PO Register(supplier/item/import)-close
PO register(supplier/item/import/short closed)-Pending
PO register(capital/service/job work)
Po GIN Report
PO/PO Schedule Status register
Purchase Statement
Purchase Statement Item Wise
Purchase Statement (Excise)
Purchase Statement Tax Wise
Vendor Register(Closed)
Vendor Register-Prospective
Vendor Register
Supplier payment Summary
Reconciliation of Sale/purchase
Vendor Wise Item Rate Detail
Vendor Outstanding register
Vendor aging register
vendor payment summery
Defaulter vendor Payment summery
Vendor Rating Report
Vendor wise rejection report
Vendor -Wise Debit Note Or Credit Note
Vendor -Wise VAT Debit Note Or Credit Note
Purchase Invoice Register(vendor/item/tax/ import/GIN)
Payable Statutory FORM register(C,H etc)
Receivable Statutory FORM register(C,H etc)
Payable Statutory FORM Item wise register(C,H etc)
Receivable Statutory FORM Item wise register(C,H etc)
DSA Register
PLA register
Purchase CST/VAT register
Sales CST/VAT register
Excise Purchase Details
Excise Sales Details
Cenvat Register Input
Cenvat Register Capital Goods
Service Tax Credit Register
LBT Register
Form-IV For Stock raw Material
Other Tax Sales/Purchase
Duty/Tax Payable/Receivable Report
Attendance register
OT/Late minutes Register
Leave Register
Employee Register(new joining/ left/ confirmed)
ESIC Statement
ESCI Challan register
PF Statement
PF Challan
PF Form 3A/10/12A/5 / 10
Form 16
Salary Statement
Emolument wise salary register
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Sales & Marketing (Advance)

Sales Executive Master
Executive Visit Report/ Approvals
Business Associates Master
Enquiry Allocation/Enquiry Allocation Status
Estimation format master
Estimation & costing for Proposal
Work order status/Tracking
Order Booking/Blocking
Work order planning
Multiple Order Project group
Sales Projection & plan
Customer Grading
Bank Guarantee
Sales Executive Info /Register
Sales Executive visit report/ Register
Business Associates Info /register
Enquiry Allocation & status register
Estimation Format Register
Estimation costing Report/ Register
Order booking register
Project Group info /Register
Sales Projection Report
Customer Grade Register
Bank Guarantees Statement/Register
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Purchase (Advance)

Purchase Requisition & approval
Purchase List (vendor selection and rate approval)
PO generation from Purchase List
Vendor Enquiry
Vendor Quotation
Quotation Comparison
Vendor Rating & grading
Inter Unit sales & purchase
Purchase Requisition register
Purchase List/ approval status
Vendor Enquiries register
Vendor Quotation Received register
Quotation comparison statements
Pending Indent Register
Advance Payment Requisition
Vendor rating Reports
Advance Payment Register
PO List pertaining to Budget Control
Inter unit purchase register
Bill wise Items Self Life Statement
Purchase Bill value difference statement
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Inventory (Advance)

Formula Master
Material Master
Item location
Stock Transfer Requisition
Stock Transfer
Material Transfer (WIP)
Batch/ serial number Inward & Stock
Location/ section wise Inward & Stock
Packing wise Inward & Stock
Material consumption for batch, serial number, packing,      location /section
GIN Planning
Sales location stock
Material Safety Data Sheet
Scrap generation Entry
Formula register
Material register
WIP stock Statement/ Register
Raw material history card
Profit Center wise consumption
Stock Movement
Stock-Alert-Report(Over-Stock / Under-Stock
Value Added for Non-Gin(Detail, Summary)
Third Party Inventory
Department wise consumption
Fast & Slow moving Items
Before Expiry/MFD wise stock
Dump /hold Stock report
Negative Stock report
Stock Life Statement
Manufacturer wise Stock
Barcode wise Stock
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Material Planning (Advance)

Time Phased Material Planning (MRP-II)-Project Based      blocking.
Sales Projection Planning (Item Wise, Customer Wise,      Monthly Schedule, Amount Wise)
Auto Indent (Work order based)
Reorder Level based planning
RM/ In house /Job material segregation
Work order planning
BOM comparison
Effects of BOM revision in Projects.
Revised project planning
Material Planning Report
Sales projection report
Segregation planning report
BOM comparison report
Revised BOM History
Project Effect due to BOM Revision Report
Deletion and addition of material in Project Revision
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Production Management(Advance)

Machine master
Sequence of operations
Machine scheduling
Work Station Master
Job Cards/Job Status
Production Slip/Indent
Monthly production planning(SFG/Fg)-monthly/order      based/sundry
Project allocation(work station/employee)
Production Update
Multiple Product Declaration
Multi Stage Production Process - Yield calculation Scrap      Accounting (Production)
Location-wise Work Order
WIP transfer
Material shortage view
Change of Equipment Load Plan
Production W/o planning (Technical BOM Wise)
Break Down Entry
Shift Allocation (Fixed/ Rotation)
Production Schedule / Reschedule
Material Transfer
Production Overhead Costing
Product Declaration (Project Wise)
Batch / Serial No. Allocation
Product Diversion(RM/SFG/FG)
Rework Indent
Item Process plan (multiple SFG for same item based on      operation)
Creation of temporary WIP items based on operations
Estimated and Actual Efforts tracking
Estimates and Actual Material Tracking
Job cards Printing
Production Indent Report/Register
Machine loading sheet
Daily Production schedule
WIP register
Stage wise Production Plan
Work order wise production plan
Machine utilization register
Plan Vs Actual Production
Shop wise Daily production report (unit wise/ shop wise)
Production Report (part wise, machine wise)
Down time (group wise down time, machine wise down     time)
Machine efficiency report (Shift wise, machine wise)
Operator efficiency report
Comparison Report (month wise)
Plant and machine utilization Yearly schedule VS Dispatch
Production line Rejection Report (Date wise)
Work Order Vs Produced
Material & Consumables Consumption
F.G Serial No/Batch Register
Item process plan report / Register
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Quality Control(WIP)

QA-WIP Entry
WIP rejection entry
WIP rework Indent
Sample based QC
Stage wise QC parameter setting
QA -WIP report/Register
WIP rejection report/register
WIP rework indent register
Test certificates
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Production scheduling & Capacity Planning

Work station capacity loading and scheduling
Workstation planning with manpower
Back ward and forward Re scheduling
Machine/work station capacity identification
Work station capacity loading and scheduling
Workstation planning with manpower
Back ward and forward Re scheduling
Machine/work station capacity identification
Machine utilization register
Work station Capacity & allocation register
Under utilization report(Machine/ workstation/employee)
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Plant and Machinery Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance Schedule
Maintenance Requisition
Maintenance Attendance
Break down entry
Shut down Maintenance & Requisition
In House and Outsource Calibration
Material Indents(Spare shortage)
Machine spare list
Maintenance/service indent/requisition
Repair challan (service)
Spare costs
Man power/ Spares allocation
Maintenance register(schedule/completion/ pending)
Break down register(Pending/Completed/      cause/department/ machine / spare/ cost))
Machine spare list report
Maintenance cost register
Preventive schedules register
Calibration schedule reports
Repair challan register
Maintenance indent register
Preventive Maintenance Activity Check List
Power Factor Date Wise Report
Pending Maintenance Requisition
Pending shutdown Requisition
Pending Shutdown Maintenance (Clearing Received)
Acknowledgement Of Machine Received after shutdown      Maintenance
Down Time Analysis
Calibration Schedule & status
Spares Issued For Maintenance
Maintenance Checkpoints
Machine History Card
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Estimation & Costing

Cost factors
Estimation format master
Estimation (enquiry/standard) with or without BOM
Project costing (BOM)
Product costing
overhead Costing
Estimation format report/ register
Estimation report/ register
Project Costing register
Project costing (actual Vs estimated) report
Project costing deviation due to Revision
Various costing analysis reports like material, process,      job, manpower, machine etc.
Over head cost register
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Project Budgeting & Tracking

Project entry
Project Budgeting & Planning
Project approval
Project Scheduling & Allocation
Project Tracking
Project info/ Register
Project status & progress register
Budget vs actual expense
Project Deviation from schedule
Project completion register
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HR Management (Recruitment/ leave/Training/ Performance Appraisal)

Skill Master/Interview Type Master
Job Profile /Vacancy Master
Candidate Information Master
Candidate Performance
Candidate Information Interview Detail
Terms Variable/ Term Head Master
Offer Letter / Appointment Letter
Leave Policy
Leave Application
Leave Adjustment/ Leave Transaction
Training schedules/allocation
Skill updation
Appraisal Parameter/ Parameter Group
Appraisal Setting/Appraisal Approval
Offer Letter
Appointment Letter
Candidate register (profile wise)
Candidate report (short listed/offered /joined)
Candidates performance sheet
Leave policy register
Leave register
Leave application register (approved/taken/ canceled)
Training register
Employee skill update register
Employee appraisal sheet
Employee left register
Employee increment/promotion report
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Payroll (Attendance Integration & Income Tax))

Import Attendance
Missing Attendance Data
Verify Individual Employee Attendance
Verify Attendance Data
Income Tax Slab
Employee Attendance
Rebate master
Employee Rebate Details
TDS calculation
Income tax data updation
IT Proof document attachment
Attendance register
Missing attendance register
Employee attendance sheet
Late/OT register
IT Statements
Form 16
Income Tax Recovery Statement
TDS Statement (Monthly)
TDS Report (Yearly)
Overtime Report
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Document Management

Drawing/design master data maintenance
Drawing /design revision handling
Drawing/ design inward-outward
Attachment & Accessibility of Scanned Documents
Automated Reply
Mass Mailing/Alert configuration
Log Register
Inward Register
Outward Register
Drawing register
Drawing revision register
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Export & Import

Offer Letter
Export Packing List
Pre Shipment Inspection Intimation
Performa Invoice & Commercial Invoice in foreign      currency
Bill of Lading & Shipping Bill
Certificate of Quantity
Certificate of Origin
Certificate of analysis(Quality Certificate )
Bill of exchange
CHA Bill(Invoice)
Shipment /Port Master/Custom House Agent
Cargo Arrival Note
LR Detail/Import Bill Of Entry
Insurance Letter/Letter Of Credit
Import Ex Bond Clearance
Import Accounting (P.O., GIN ,Bill of Entry, C/A Bill,      Bonding / De-bonding)
Prepare Performa invoice in equivalent Indian rupees      along with AR4 form
Certificate Of Origin
Shipping Bill
G.R. Form
Bank Certificate
Daily Stock Register
CT3 Register
B17 Bond Register
Export Register
LC Application
Statement on status of LC
Stocks at Bond
Advance License Obligation v/s Exported
Advance License Eligibility v/s Utilized
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Asset Management

Asset Group/Asset Master
Asset Allocation/ Reallocation /Asset Transfer
AMC Master
Lease Master/Lease Renewal
Asset Complaint/Asset Maintenance
Assets Numbering Identified by Barcode / RFID Tag
Assets In charge
Assets Maintenances
Assets on Leased Contract (Warranty, Maintenances,      Licenses, Other Services)
Assets Depreciation Calculation
Packing /Packing Conversion
Assets Register (Own/ Leased/Group)
Assets Allocation Report
Assets Maintenances Report
Assets Depreciation Report
Schedule of Fixed assets as required for Balance sheet      as per Schedule VI / ICA guidelines
Fixed Assets Register Summery
Detailed showing item wise additions
Register of Capital WIP items
List of additions with names of vendors installation dates,      break up of values
List of deletions /List of Write offs during year
List of items used for addition to capital assets
Statement of exchange gain loss on capital assets
Department wise asset issue status
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Advanced Finance Management- (Budgeting, Forecast, RFC, ratio Analysis etc)

3 instance budget and forecast
Cost Center wise Budget
Budget v/s Actual
Over Budget Expenses Statement
Budget/Account Details
Capital Employed Allocation
Return On Capital Employed
Ratio analysis
Budgets / Targets / Credit Limits
Five year sales forecast report
Rolling forecast report
Budget vs actual trial balance /P&L/Balance sheet
New production forecast report
Ratio analysis reports
Budget deviation explanation report
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Capital Project Management

Activity Master/Action Master
Capital Project / Sub Project entry
Capital Phase /sub phase Master
Capital Project Budget Head Master
Capital Project Costing Factor
Capital Project Budgeting & Planning
Capital Project approval
Capital Project Scheduling & Allocation
Capital Project Tracking
Capital Project info/ Register
Capital Project status & progress register
Capital Budget vs actual expense
Capital Project Deviation from schedule
Capital Project completion register
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Security & Gate Pass

Visitors appointments
Visitors In/ Out
Employees In/ Out
Contractor schedule
Contractual employees IN/ Out
Material In/ Out
Visitors gate pass
Authority wise visitors reports
Customer / Supplier wise visitors reports
Appointment taken but not visited report
Material In & out Register
Contractor schedule List
Contractor attendance summery
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Service & Installation Management

Service Executive Master
Service work order generation(complaint & service OA)
Service Task Allocation/Service Task Status
Service (Production) Indent
New BOM for service
Executive Visit Approval
Service Invoice generation
Material requisition for service
Service executive register
Service work order register
Task allocation register (customer/executive)
Service indent register
Service bom register
Executive Visit Report/ register
Material issue/used report
Service task status report
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Logistics & warehouse Management

Ware House Master(Owned/ Leased)
Delivery Order
CAD (Stock Transaction from warehouse)
Bank Receipt Order
Fright Forward Master
Ware House Stock Maintenance
Authorization of receipts to Warehouse
Stocks at Third Party warehouse
Ware House Register(Lease / Own/ Vendor/ Capacity /       Location)
Delivery Order Detail (Vendor/ Product/ CAD)
Bank Receipt Order
Freight forwarder register
FF invoice register
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Dashboard to view Party info
Order tracking
Complaints Allocation and Closing
Material delivered status
Payment details
Order Status view by Party
Complaint / Call Logging
Logging all complaints as well as logging all incoming and      outgoing calls.
Allocating complaints to concerned departments / person
Tracking of complaints action taken reports
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Dealer/Distributer Management

Dealer /distributer master
Dealer product rate/discount details
Dealer order booking and scheduling
Offers and schemes
Dealer invoice
Dealer stock details
Dealer register
Dealer product rate register
Dealer order register
Dealer invoice register
Dealer collection report
Dealer stock movement register
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Tender Management

Various Types of Tender Document (Tender Notice,      Tender Form, Rate List)
Maintain Tender Enquiry
Tender Follow up
Tender Form with Annexure Attachment
Tender Enquiry Register(Source/ Type / Product/      Customer / Schedule)
Tender Register(Source/ Type / Product/ Customer /     Schedule)
Tender Follow-ups (Product/ Customer/ status)
Tender status register(Received/ Cancelled)
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Event Management

Event Type
Event Sub Type
Event Role
Event Master
Event scheduling & budgeting
Event Execution
Event Type register
Event Sub Type Register
Event Role Register
Event Master Register
Event Execution Register
Expenses budgeted v/s actual
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Resource Management

Resource Data Maintenance
Confirmation Trough E-mails
Booking of Resources
Resource Maintenance
Resource Allocation
Advanced Search Capabilities
Flexible Time Management
Resource Register
Resource Booking Register
Resource Allocation Register
Resource booked but not attended
Resource Idle register
Resource Usage Register
Booking Cancellation Register
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Advance MIS

Sales analysis report (executive/zone/region/product)
Business associate sales register
Enquiry allocation registers (Executive/service/product)
Enquiry status register
Estimation registers (enquiry/product)
Order booking and blocking register
Bank guarantee register
Bank guarantee renewal/expiry report
Sales projection report (value/customer/product)
Actual v/s projection sales report
Customer grading report
Customer grade comparison report (last 3 years)
Customer List whose credit limit exceeded
Product sales summery (Top 5/ Bottom 5)
Product (Spare) sales (Top 5 & Bottom 5)
Customer sales summery (Top 5/ Bottom 5)
Customer in time payment receipt (Top 5/ bottom 5)
Timely delivered Order Register
Delayed Order Register
Diverted work order register
Orders closed below estimated cost
Order value Deviation from estimated cost
Order lost due to high estimation
Order lost due to Technical infeasibility
Emergency Purchase Requisition
Material Purchase summery (Top 5/ Bottom 5)
Purchase summery (Top 5/ Bottom 5)
Vendor enquiry registers (Item/Project)
Vendor quotation registers (Item/Project)
Vendor quotation comparison chart (price/ delivery/ terms/      landed cost)
Vendor quotation short listed
Vendor rate comparison (price / landed cost)
High value purchase register
Maintenance material purchase register
Consumable material purchase register
Capital goods purchase register
Inter unit purchase register
Inventory Ageing Analysis
Cost Center wise Consumption
Stock Reserved (Block) register
Alternate (substitute) item list
Stock of end pieces (re usable stock)
List of Material (vendor/customer) in Transit
Moving and non moving Item Register
Item register (batch/serial no)
Material safety checklist
Stock transfer register(Inter unit)
Excess items issue list(Project/ workstation)
Near Expiry Stock report
Stock Aging Analysis
Various Analysis reports (ABC etc.)
Rate Difference Stock List on New Rate/ MRP/ Sale      Rates/MRP wise Purchase/MRP=0
Ware house analysis report (capacity vs      occupancy/product/maintenance)
Dealer sale Register (Top5/ Bottom5)
Dealer performance analysis report(sales/ payments
BOM Revision Cost Comparison
Cost effect of BOM Revision on project
Revised project planning register
Planned schedule v/s actual PO date
Planned v/s actual Item quantity(Project)
Blocked/transition blocked/ Purchase reserve item list      (project)
Project Health/status
Various project analytical reports
Capital project status and investments
Budget vs Actual
Product Diversion(RM/SFG/FG)
Planned v/s production
Rescheduling of In house to outsource
Efficiency report (machine /workstation)
Capacity/ actual load report
Rescheduled project report
Least product rework (Job Work / Sub-contracting)
In time production register
Delayed production register
Product complaint register
Product rework Register (Job Work )
Parameter wise QA reports
Rejection and rework analysis
Break down analysis register
Down time effect report
Down time loss report
Rescheduled production report(down time)
Maximum Machine efficiency List
Product cost analysis
Estimated and actual cost analysis
Customer wise product cost analysis
Bom revision cost deviation report
Project planned vs actual report
Project diversion analysis report
Project budget analysis
Project material analysis
Project man power analysis
Employee transition analysis report
Employee performance variation report
Asset Maintenance Cost register
Employee performance Details
Employees having 100% attendance
Employee with maximum absenteeism
Late comers list
Maximum Over time list
Employee income tax /TDS analysis report
Employee income tax document proof report
Export analysis report (product/currency rate)
Import analysis report (material /landed cost)
Capital goods /assets value analysis report
Budget v/s actual analysis report
Sales forecast analysis reports (new /old product/RM      cost/development cost/profitability)
Various ratio analysis reports
Capital project track report
Capital project deviation report (cost/time /efforts)
Service work order analysis report (status/cost/schedule)
Tender filed & awarded analysis report
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