e-ChitSoft is a web based application for Chit management system, which integrates all facets of the chit business, including Chit fund management Process, Financial Accounting, payroll etc. The business environment has become increasingly complex and the marketplace has changed from local to global. Management is under constant pressure to improve competitiveness by lowering operating costs and improving logistics. Organizations therefore have to be more responsive to the customer and competition. e-ChitSoft as a business solution aims to help the management by setting better business practices and equipping them with the right information to take timely decisions.

General Features

  • Fully functionally integrated
  • Cross level Securities
  • Menu driven & easy to use
  • Multi Location & multi currency facility
  • Internal Messaging
  • Password security
  • Multiple Search Facility & Powerful Query Builder
  • User wise Date Recallers with Appointment and Schedule Settings
  • User wise alerts for various activities like schedules, Invoices, ROL etc
  • Comparative Analysis
  • Backup and Recovery Facilities
  • Intimation through Messaging and Business Alert System that focuses on Networked Employees and Customers
  • Online mailing of documents while creation itself
  • Customizable User Interface
  • Maintenance of History files with Recovery facility
  • Maintenance of Log files
  • Conversion of Reports into PDF, MS-Excel, MS-Word
  • User Defined Code Generation
  • Powerful report drafting tool to generate reports by user
  • Graphical report generation for various analytical data
  • Amendments & revision log
  • Customers can view online status
  • Module wise dashboard to show online information
  • Intelligent Data Entry Interface

System Admin

  • Role /Rights /User
  • Authorization/ approver levels
  • Backup and Restore setting
  • User wise/ data wise log management
  • Mail history management
  • User wise Report and alerts management
  • Transaction deletion
  • CRM/ERM user rights Management
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  • Profit Center data
  • Taxes & Charges data
  • UOM/currency data
  • Geographical data
  • Bank/bank account data
  • Email content setting
  • Various masters and references required
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Admin & Utilities

  • User wise GUI setting
  • Correspondence document inward/outward
  • Personal contact data
  • Visitor Appointment management
  • Daily diary
  • UOM conversion/ currency conversion
  • Pending Approvals
  • General utilities inward/outward
  • Internal Messaging
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Chit fund Management

  • Guarantor/Member Master
  • Agent /Director Master
  • Chit Group/Chit Master
  • Chit Execution/ payment
  • Chit bidding & auction
  • Chit allocation/reallocation
  • Chit member replacement
  • Calculation of TDS/ service charges/ Penalty and interest
  • FD Policy Master
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  • Member Register/ Guarantor Register
  • Chit group/chit Register
  • Daily Transaction List
  • Chit wise member list
  • Daily collection status/Report
  • Receipt Summery Report
  • Agent Business Detail
  • Refund payment List
  • Chit auction report/Register
  • Chit bid report/register
  • Group wise Auction List
  • Price commitment report
  • Consolidation report
  • Undisbursed Prize Money
  • Auction Member details
  • Non Prize member details
  • Auction Dividend list
  • Auction reallocation report
  • Outstanding Report
  • Bid payment Register
  • Remove Subscriber List
  • Remove Subscriber Receipt List
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Financial Accounting

  • Chart of Accounts
  • Accounts/Ledger Master
  • Accounts Receivables/ Payables
  • Cash Management
  • Financial Statements- TB/ P&L/ BS
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Bill-Passing /Booking
  • Bank Advice & Cheque Printing Module
  • Post-Dated Cheques (Payments / Receipts)
  • Loan Accounting (Fixed Deposits / Investments / staff Accounting)
  • Branch Accounting
  • Vouchers-DN/CN/JV
  • Tax voucher
  • TDS Accounting
  • Day books/ Ledgers/ analysis
  • Registers-All
  • Daily exchange Rate/ provisions
  • All statuary reports
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  • Employee Profile
  • Interface with attendance machines (Biometrics, RFID)
  • Leave Management with Multi- approvers
  • All required HR reports
  • Employee Official Details with Grade management
  • Customize Emoluments, Deductions & Perquisite Maintenance
  • Time sheet Management(OT/Late)
  • Payroll Processing (permanent/ contract)
  • Employee Transfer/Promotion/ Increment maintenance
  • LIC & Other Insurances
  • Final Settlement
  • Pay slips, Bank Advice, Cheque Printing
  • Arrears processing
  • All required statuary reports
  • Various Payroll Analysis reports
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Document Management

  • Inward/outward document
  • Correspondence management
  • General and statuary document vault
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  • Online Access to members
  • Chit information
  • Bidding information
  • Dues and penalty information
  • Personal details editing
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  • Exclusive Employee access
  • Attendance Freezing
  • Perquisite entries
  • Dashboard to view Personal info salary slips/ attendance/ TDS details/     leave balances /approvals/Complaints Booking etc
  • Inward/outward document
  • Correspondence management
  • General and statuary document vault
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Tally Integration

  • Ledger Mapping
  • Transaction import
  • Transaction Verification
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Advance MIS

  • All Analysis processing for data required by Management
  • Dashboard for various online information for management to review     progress
  • Tool to generate graphical reports
  • Drill down data available for study and analysis
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Various Reports

  • Day Book/ Bank Book/ Cash Book
  • Journal Register
  • Debit/Credit Note Register
  • On Account Report
  • Bill Wise Opening Balance Outstanding
  • Bank Receipt /Payment Details
  • Bank reconciliation
  • General Ledger
  • Tax Wise Report - All Options
  • General Ledger Trial Balance - All Options
  • Profit & Loss Statement - All Options
  • Balance Sheet - All Options
  • Pay slips/Pay Registers
  • Muster Role
  • Earning & Deduction Registers
  • Advances & Recover Statements
  • LIC & Loans Recovery Statements
  • PF Statement (3A, 6A, 12A)
  • P.F. Form 5 & 10
  • Form 6/7 (ESI)
  • ESI Summary (Month wise)
  • ESIC Statements
  • Form 16
  • Voucher Printing
  • Bank Salary Statement
  • Other Statuary Reports
  • Employee Master Listing
  • Cash Salary Details
  • Bank Account wise Payment Report
  • Department wise Payroll Summary
  • PF Recovery Statement
  • Professional Tax Recovery Statement
  • ESI Recovery Statement
  • Left Employee Status
  • Employee Retirement Status
  • Employee Wise Leave Balance
  • Net Salary & Wages Statement
  • Deduction Excess Earning Report
  • TDS Statement (Monthly)
  • LTA Statement/Medical Statement
  • TDS Report (Yearly)
  • Payroll Summary
  • Employee List with specific Earning / deduction