e-SmartRetail is software driven business management system, which integrates all facets of Retail business including sales, accounts, purchase, inventory and Payroll etc. The business environment has become increasingly complex and the marketplace has changed from local to global. Management is under constant pressure to improve competitiveness by lowering operating costs and improving logistics. Organizations therefore have to be more responsive to the customer and competition. e-SmartRetail as a business solution for retailers aims to help the management by setting better business practices and equipping them with the right information to take timely decisions.

Features of e-SmartRetail

  • Operate your branches from your head office without any extra effort
  • Continuous Inventory Checking reduces loss due to theft
  • Improved Collection management realizes your outstanding faster
  • Watching what's selling and what's not ensures that your capital is not locked up in slow moving items
  • See the gross profit for every invoice and every line item
  • Say goodbye to codes
  • Management and analyses of business processes within an interactive environment
  • Synchronization of activity within departments, such as human resources or finance, with the needs and output from production facilities
  • Monitoring, sharing, and tracking information throughout the organization
  • Maintaining records of warehoused goods
  • Dynamic control of the purchasing of raw materials
  • Automation of data entry processes
  • Synchronization of order entry, quote processing, and reporting

Modules of e-SmartRetail

  • Integration with POS (point of sales machine)
  • Sales
  • Financial Accounting and tax management (Or/And Integration with Tally)
  • Inventory management system
  • Interface with attendance machines
  • HR management system
  • Logistics including Purchase, planning & distribution
  • Marketing
  • Legal & Projects
  • System admin
  • MIS