e-VetanSoft is a web based application for Human Resource Management System, which integrates all facets of the HR, including time attendance, employee profile, payroll, Income Tax, HR and Statuary Reports. The business environment has become increasingly complex and the marketplace has changed from local to global. Organizations therefore have to be more transparent and responsive to the Employees. e-VetanSoft as a HR solution aims to help the management by setting better HR practices and equipping them with the right and instant information to take timely decisions.

Features of e-VetanSoft

  • Fully functionally integrated
  • Cross level Securities
  • Menu driven & easy to use
  • Internal Messaging
  • Password security
  • Multiple Search Facility & Powerful Query Builder
  • User wise Date Recallers
  • User wise alerts
  • Backup and Recovery Facilities
  • Intimation through Messaging and Business Alert System that focuses on Networked Employees
  • Online mailing of documents while creation itself
  • Maintenance of History files with Recovery facility
  • Maintenance of Log files
  • Conversion of Reports into PDF, MS-Excel, MS-Word
  • User Defined Code Generation
  • Powerful report drafting tool to generate reports by user
  • Graphical report generation for various analytical data
  • Amendments & revision log
  • Employees can view Payment status
  • Dashboard to show online information
  • Intelligent Data Entry Interface
  • Enables to improve the accuracy of information's available.
  • Integration with Attendance Devices like Smart card, Biometrics etc.
  • Employees information is readily available for the Top management to review
  • Reduces Workload, Saves great Time for various HR administrative activities.
  • User define Emoluments (Allowances , Deduction )- Set your Own Formula
  • Full & Final Settlement.

System Admin

  • Role/ Rights/ User Maintenance
  • User based Reports rights
  • Authorization/Approvers maintenance
  • Backup and Restore
  • User wise/ data wise log maintenance
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  • Grade, designation, country, city, district, Currency , email setting,     documents category, department, skill, union, site, category, shift ,     health, route, terms & condition etc
  • Various masters and references required
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Admin & Utilities

  • Contact details
  • Correspondence management
  • Appointments, Daily diary, reminders
  • Holiday list
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Time sheet Process

  • Manual daily/monthly attendance
  • Leave Transaction, OT, Late minutes etc
  • Time sheet Process
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  • Emolument master(allowance , deduction etc)
  • Emolument setting (formula preparation grade wise)
  • Basic /Perquisite / Bonus
  • Loans/ Insurance master
  • Employee personal profile
  • Employee official information
  • Contractor master
  • Contract employee profile
  • Employee advances & repayment
  • Employee insurance and premium payment
  • Employee loans and repayment
  • Employee incentive details
  • Payroll process(regular and contract)
  • Arrears process
  • Shift Allocation (Fixed / Rotation)
  • ESIC/ PF/ PT/ I Tax
  • Cheque printing and bank advice
  • Employee Transfer/Promotion/ Increment maintenance
  • Final settlement
  • Monthly provision for Superannuation, Gratuity
  • Adjustment to Previous Months Attendance (Days Arrears)
  • Increment Arrears / Rate revision
  • Loans Refunded outside Salary
  • Earning / Deduction for the month
  • Employee Pay status (Dash board)
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  • Employee Dash board to view individual information based on employee     login
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  • Attendance register/ Muster Role
  • OT and Late minute summery & Register
  • Transfer & Promotion Letters
  • Pay slips/Pay Registers
  • Earning & Deduction Registers
  • Advances & Recover Statements
  • LIC & Loans Recovery Statements
  • Voucher Printing
  • Bank Account wise Payment Report
  • Department wise Payroll Summary
  • Grade wise salary Statement
  • Employee Not confirmed report
  • Retired/ Left Employee Status
  • Employee Wise Leave Balance
  • Grade Wise/ Department Wise Manpower Status
  • PT /Bonus Statements
  • ESI Summary (Month wise)/ Statement
  • ESIC FORMS Form 6 & 7
  • PF Statement (3A, 6A, 12A,5, 10, 9)
  • Labor Welfare Fund
  • Super Annuation Statement
  • Gratuity Statement
  • Deduction Excess Earning Report
  • LTA / Medical Statement
  • Profession Tax Statement
  • Profession Tax Return cum Challan
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  • Job Profile
  • Vacancy master
  • Interview Type
  • Candidate information
  • Candidate short listing
  • Interview scheduling/intimation
  • Candidate performance and selection
  • Offer letter
  • Appointment letter
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Leave Management

  • Leave Policies
  • Leave master
  • Leave allocation
  • Leave applications(Person/official etc)
  • Application approvals(Multi level)
  • Gate Pass
  • Leave adjustments
  • Leave encashment and carry forward
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Training Management

  • Training parameters
  • Training schedules
  • Employee allocation to training program
  • Resource allocation & booking
  • Performance update
  • Skill updation
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  • Appraisal Parameters
  • Appraisal Setting
  • Appraisal approvals
  • Increment & promotions
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Integration with attendance devices

  • Integration with attendance devices
  • Attendance verification
  • Attendance Freezing(Dash board)
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Income Tax

  • Tax slabs
  • Rebate (Exemption) master
  • Employee rebate details with document attachment
  • TDS calculation
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Advance MIS

  • Call Letter/Offer Letter/Appointment Letter
  • Interview sheet
  • Appraisal letter/ Appraisal registers
  • Training schedules/sheets
  • Training Performance card
  • Leave register
  • Leave applications and gate pass
  • Attendance register/ Muster Role
  • Department / Employee wise attendance details
  • TDS Statement
  • Form 16
  • Income Tax ITNS 281 Challan
  • eTDS Returns 24Q
  • Provident Fund ECR Online Return
  • PF Recovery Statement
  • Provident Fund Reconciliation Statement
  • Provident Fund Break Statement
  • Other Statuary Reports
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